Mark Stosiak is a Montreal-based painter. He creates trippy, psychedelic paintings with Acrylics paints. His work centers on altered states of consciousness and reality. 

Mark studied Illustration and Design at Dawson college in Montreal.

After spending a few years designing websites and 17 years as a Toy designer, he was inspired to take all the skills he’d learned and pursue a career in the fine arts.

Artist Statement

As humans, so overwhelmed with the trials of life, we tend to forget who we really are. With my art I make people pause, and take a deeper look.

Images and inspiration can come at any time. Whether meditating, walking in the city, or being in nature. It can come as an idea or feeling I want to convey, or as a fully formed image. I see myself as a channel for creativity rather than the actual creator. By quieting my mind and observing, I let the painting tell me what it needs next.